honda CTX1300


A new style touring cruiser featuring a soulful V4 power unit and advanced technology, with easy handling characteristics, relaxed riding position, dual panniers, twin-speaker stereo and premium specification.Many riders appreciate the combination of cruising style and ‘real world' practicality that a custom touring machine can offer. In response to a growing trend - mature motorcyclists wanting more ability, power, performance and a higher specification than a ‘traditional' air-cooled V-twin bagger-style cruiser, Honda has combined the best attributes of both touring and cruiser motorcycles and come up with a unique proposition: the new CTX1300.

Heading up a fresh family of motorcycles, which includes the middleweight CTX700 and CTX700N, the ‘C" stands for Comfort, which equals easy-to-access driveability and usability, with low noise at speed and excellent stability, low seat height, easy ground reach and relaxed riding position.

T' is Technology: a characterful and high-torque V4 engine, Honda's Traction Control System (TCS), Combined ABS, LED lights and self-cancelling indicators plus a twin-speaker Bluetooth stereo system.

‘X' is eXperience - smooth and enjoyable all-round performance and cruiser-style riding position. The CTX1300, with all of these qualities, is a unique proposition designed to fit neatly with many riders' desires and expectations.


Model Overview

The heart and soul of the CTX1300 is its water-cooled V4 engine. Derived from the ST1300 it features modifications to bolster low and mid-range torque plus give a more characterful sound and V4 ‘backbeat' from the exhausts. Tuned to give strong acceleration from low rpm and a relaxed feel at highway speeds it features taller gearing, with five-speed gearbox and shaft drive.

A new steel double cradle frame, 43mm inverted forks, twin rear shocks and aluminium swingarm provide a comfortable ride with neutral and engaging handling. Honda's Combined ABS and Traction Control System (TCS) work hand in hand to deliver confident braking and consistent traction.

The CTX1300's modern cohesive styling grabs attention with a long and low look, taking cues from the stunning big-brother Gold Wing F6B. But it's also a motorcycle built to be practical ­and easy to ride with a low seat height, natural riding position, an efficient fairing and standard-fit twin rear panniers. The twin-speaker stereo system is Bluetooth compatible.

A deft combination of soul and technology, the CTX1300 is designed to look good around town, boulevard cruising traffic-light-to-traffic-light, and to function fully for longer haul, two-up trips. It's a new breed of motorcycle built with a feel-good factor, and to deliver pure riding pleasure.



Styling & Chassis

An extension of the ‘Horizontal Dynamic' of the GL1800 Gold Wing, the CTX1300 has a modern and muscular appearance, with ‘Front Massive' mass centralisation and an aggressive surface design.

Each part of the bodywork's function is highlighted and the seat height - just 735mm - is central to the CTX1300's sleek lines and general usability. The 19.5-litre fuel tank is sited under the seat, lowering the centre of gravity and fuel consumption of 17.2km/l (WMTC) allows range of over 330kms between fill-ups.

A short screen injects attitude to the CTX1300's silhouette while dual rear panniers integrate fluidly and provide useful storage space. The riding position, with naturally placed swept-back handlebars and forward-set footpegs, is comfortable for a variety of rider sizes. Five-stage heated grips are fitted as standard equipment.

The twin-speaker stereo system - controlled by tank mounted buttons - works with iPod, MP3 player and smartphones, displaying track information centrally on the dash. Bluetooth connectivity also allows use of a helmet headset. An analogue speedometer and tachometer provide vital information at a glance, while the LCD digital display includes odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, ambient temperature and clock. The headlights, taillight and indicators are all LED and give off an intense light signature.

Handling-wise the CTX1300 is poised neatly between the laid back feel of a pure cruiser and the functionality of a touring bike, imparting around-town usability with the ability to deal comfortably and luxuriously with long-range weekend trips.

Honda's unique new self-cancelling indicators are also fitted. They monitor a combination of distance, time and wheel speed, operating intelligently and seamlessly after regular cornering or overtaking.

The frame - a brand new steel double cradle split downtube - has rake and trail of 28°30'/118mm. Wheelbase is 1645mm with front/rear weight distribution of 48/52 and 338kg kerb weight. A 690mm long aluminium swingarm operates twin rear shocks, featuring mechanical spring preload adjustment to tailor the ride when fully loaded. 43mm inverted forks provide supple and well-damped control.

Cast aluminium wheels - 18-inch x 3.5-inch front/17 x 6.25-inch rear - sport wide 130/70 R18 and 200/50R17 tyres. Twin front 310mm discs and three-piston calipers are linked to the rear 316mm disc/three-piston caliper by Combined ABS.

Combined ABS brakes the front and rear wheels at the same time by application of the rear brake pedal, while ABS provides all-weather stopping confidence.

The CTX1300 also features the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS), an effective anti-theft set-up. If the ID chip embedded in the motorcycle's key and the ID in the Engine Control Unit (ECU) do not match, the engine will not start.

With this electronic inter-lock system, the engine will only fire when one of the keys with the correct ID chip is used. Also, even if attempts are made to hot-wire the engine, or substitute the ignition switch module because it's the ECU that's in control the engine will not start.


The CTX1300 will be available in the following colour options:

Candy Prominence Red

Darkness Black Metallic

Pearl Sunbeam White



The longitudinally-mounted 8-valve 1,261cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected 90° V4 power unit driving the CTX1300 has received major revisions, boosting low and mid-range torque. Sound and feel too, have both been enhanced adding to the riding sensation.

High peak power - superfluous on a cruising/touring machine - is reduced and the engine's characterful feel and sound amplified by the 4-2-2 exhaut system. Revised cam timing and new PGM-FI throttle bodies are responsible for the change in the engine's output and nature. An oxygen-sensing catalytic converter minimises harmful exhaust gas emissions.

Bore and stroke is set at 78mm x 66mm with compression ratio of 10.0:1. Peak power of 62 kW arrives at 6,000rpm with an impressive 106 Nm torque available at just 4,500rpm.

Throttle response has been tuned to be smooth, with involving roll-on acceleration. The overall gearing is tall, lowering engine rpm and adding to the tranquil, enjoyable ride. The 5-speed gearbox and hydraulic clutch drive the rear wheel via maintenance-free shaft drive.

The CTX1300 is equipped with Honda's TCS. TCS constantly monitors front and rear wheel speed plus various engine parameters and throttle position. It's looking for variations that could mean an imminent loss of traction - if TCS believes wheel-spin is possible, engine power is momentarily reduced to ensure a seamless, unobtrusive traction control.


Engine Type

V4 90° water-cooled DOHC (Euro 3)

Displacement CC


Bore X Stroke

78mm x 66mm

Compression Ratio

10.0 : 1

Max Power Output

62kW @ 6000rpm

Max Torque

106Nm @ 4,500rpm

Oil Capacity


Fuel Tank Capacity




Transmission Type

5 speed manual

Dimensions LxWxH

2380mm x 940mm x 1170mm



Seat Height


Ground Clearance


Kerb Weight


Tyre Size Front


Tyre Size Rear


Brakes Type Front

Twin 310mm disks

Brakes Type Rear

Single 316mm disk